The Caffeine Junkie and Her Escapades

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecc 12:13

Episode 454: food for thought

Me: so I borrowed this book from the nlb app and it sounds trashily good. It is about a lady having an affair with her brother and told from the perspective of the baby in her womb.

Him: *pause* I’m glad you read such edifying books.

Episode 453: phone call at the museum

“don’t have diabetes”

And a long, happy hug at the museum.

Happy birthday !

Episode 452: yan

“our room is fun-sized! ”

“what does industrial chic mean?”

” no paint on walls.”

“what does hardware interior mean?”

“no carpet.”

“i went to see the suite. Wah, got floor. And bathtub! ”

An enjoyable time with my best friend ❤

Episode 451: shopping

It is like the IT fair, just with pregnant women and lots of prams.

It was really some sort of cray.

Episode 450: jugdy

Me: i hope God convicts them of their sins!

Dad: aiyah, we all have sinned.


Episode 449: a rose, by any other name…

Me: hey, nice dress!

Colleague: thanks, it’s from Ted Baker! My kid is called Ted.

Me: I’m naming my kid Balenciaga.

Episode 448: gratitude

After ten working days – “low risk”.


‘with a grateful heart,

With a song of praise,

With an outstretched arm,

I’ll bless Your name and

Thank You Lord, I just want to

Thank You Lord.”