The Caffeine Junkie and Her Escapades

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecc 12:13

Episode 464: time

You turn 99 days tomorrow! How did all that time fly by? You are such an integral part of our lives now I can’t imagine spending it without you.

At your two month visit the paediatrician told me to spend more time playing with you, rather than worrying about your development.

And I did (and still do).

At your third month check up he said the same and added that in nine months time you would not be a baby anymore. Nine months might seem long but our pregnancy flew by so quickly!

Indeed the days are long, but the years are short. We love you so.


Episode 463: small joys for the journey

The sleep deprivation is real, as is the worry. But every morning when I peer over and you smile and giggle back, that makes all the difference. 25 September was when you recognised me.

You have also discovered your hands (and how yummy they are). And you enjoy talking to us, to the fan and to the soft toy princess abucha. And you now also know how to show your displeasure (if the volume of your crying wasn’t so loud, the face you make would totally always make me laugh). You also have the best burps and even scared yourself once by the sound of your own burp.

We danced with you to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and Photograph on Thursday. It was a very special memory for me.

We love you so much.

Episode 462: upwards and downwards parenting

Make your breakdowns your breakthroughs

Episode 461: six weeks

I learnt that you have few needs (eating, changing and sleeping) and even fewer wants (cuddles and warm baths).

Simple things make you happy – the lights in your room, the lights in our room, the lights in the lift, more lights.

When you were 2 days old, you learnt how to undo a swaddle by persistently doing leg lifts. When you were a few days old, you learnt to remove your mittens by using your dad’s face. When you were a few weeks old, you learnt how to inch your way to the side of the cot which has the mesh (cuz.. Lights). It was funny seeing you gradually move like a worm to the side and then smoosh your face against the mesh.

I love you so much.

Episode 460: learning curve

To say the learning curve in the past month had been steep is an understatement.

But the best lesson I learnt from the nanny was empathy

– in the car, she told him “Aunty 牵你的手” (Aunty hold your hand)

– when he was colicky, she told him “Aunty 知道你的肚子痛” (Aunty knows your stomach is in pain)

For someone who usually comes across as a cold block of ice to most and who also worried about how much personality would hamper my parenting, I learnt how to show empathy to my kid. And I hope that  that would go a long way.

Episode 459: pooquet

“PBBBBZZZZTTT” was the sound coming from the other room.

The floor had a straight line of seedy mustard poo from the diaper station across  to the other cabinet.

And he just laid there contentedly looking out of the window!

Day 24 –  from parquet to pooquet

Episode 458: what’s in a name

“may Jehovah add/give increase”

God was with Joseph

Even in this far off land

He works all things for good

Because He always has a plan.

” Joseph is a beautiful name”